Do a Dot Numbers

Numbers do-a-dot printables feature numbers, from 1 to 20, outlined by small circles. Children use colorful dot markers, also called bingo daubers, to fill in the circles. Simply download and print these worksheets for your preschoolers.

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1 - 20 number dotting printables

  • Introduce Numbers: For young learners just starting to recognize numbers, do-a-dot printables provide a visual and tactile introduction to number shapes.
  • Practice Counting: As children fill in the dots, they naturally count the circles, reinforcing number sequence and basic counting skills.
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills: Gripping the dot markers and precisely placing the dots strengthens hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity, both crucial for future writing skills.

For homeschooling parents, do-a-dot printables offer a structured learning approach. You can use themed printables that align with your current curriculum. For instance, preschoolers can focus on basic numbers 1 to 5 in the first term, 6 to 10 in the second term, and so on.

These printables are a valuable addition to classroom centers, enabling children to practice independently or in small groups.