CVC Words

CVC words, like "cat," "dog," and "sun," are the foundation for strong reading skills. They help young learners understand the relationship between letters and sounds, which prepares them for fluent reading and comprehension.

Our CVC word worksheets provide a fun and effective way for parents, teachers, and educators to support kindergarten and grade 1 students in mastering CVC words. Students will enjoy doing the worksheets where they have to write or find the CVC words.

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  • Match the Picture: This classic activity features pictures and corresponding CVC words. Students can draw lines to match or circle the correct word.
  • Missing Sounds: Provide CVC words with a missing middle vowel or consonant sound. Students can write in the missing letter to complete the word.
  • Write and Trace: Encourage writing practice by providing CVC words with dotted outlines for students to trace over and then write independently.