Days of the Week

Days of the Week worksheets help grade 1 students learn and understand the sequence and names of the days in a week. These worksheets include a variety of engaging activities to reinforce the concept of time and routine, which are critical for young learners.

These printable worksheets provide a hands-on approach to learning and are perfect for homeschooling parents, teachers, educators, and education centers.

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Days of the Week: Calendar Worksheets

  • Understanding Time: Helps children grasp the concept of the seven-day week and the cyclical nature of time.
  • Routine and Order: Encourages the development of routine and a sense of Order, aiding in time management skills.
  • Memory and Sequencing: Enhances memory and sequencing skills through repetitive practice and engaging activities.
  • Literacy Skills: Supports early literacy by helping children recognize, spell, and write the names of the days.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Activities such as tracing, writing, and cutting develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

These worksheets include activities like tracing, writing, cut and paste, coloring, matching games and more.

Make learning fun about the days engaging and fun and provide essential skills that students will use throughout their educational journey. Download and print these resources to bring structure and enjoyment to early childhood education.