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Our word scramble maker is an excellent option for parents and teachers if they want to enliven word learning activities in their classroom or home. Using this tool, you can customize and tailor the difficulty level of each individual puzzle - perfect for reinforcing language skills no matter what grade level or age group.

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About Word Scramble

Word scrambles are an excellent option for helping children master the distinctly challenging components of English spelling. But rather than manually creating a new scramble with each lesson, you can use a printable word scramble generator to quickly and easily generate fresh challenges every time.

Here are a few reasons why you should use word scramble worksheets for your child:

Helps with Spelling

Word scramble for kids can help them with their spelling. By unscrambling the letters to form words, children can learn how to spell new words. Additionally, they can also learn the correct spelling of words that they may be struggling with.

Teaches Vocabulary

Kids can learn new vocabulary words with the help of word scrambles. By unscrambling the letters and forming new words, little ones learn the meaning of new words and how to use them in sentences. They can expand their vocabulary and improve their language skills.

Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Children can develop problem-solving skills when they unscramble words. By having to unscramble the letters to form words, they are required to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to complete the task.

Increases Concentration Levels

Word scrambles can help increase their concentration levels. In order to unscramble the letters and form words, children need to focus and pay attention to the task at hand. This concentration will help them in other areas of their lives, such as schoolwork and other activities.

Is Fun!

Solving word scrambles is simply fun! Children get to spend some quality time while also learning new things. If your child is bored or looking for something fun to do, print out a word scramble and see how long it takes them to complete it!

Make your own Word Scrambles

You can make your own word scrambles in few clicks with our Word Scramble Generator.

  1. Check or uncheck the Header Options like Name and Date.
  2. Write the Worksheet Title or remove the text to skip writing anything on the top of the worksheet.
  3. Fill in the words list under the Words.
  4. Adjust the text settings to the left, right, center or justify.
  5. You also have the options to adjust the line height of the text, font style and font size.
  6. Once you have filled and adjusted all the data, you can click on the blue “Regenerate” button.
  7. If everything looks good in the preview, download the printable worksheet by clicking on the green “Download” button.
  8. That’s all you have to do make your own Word Scrambles.