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Help your children learn essential matching skills with this Word Matching Worksheet Maker! Perfect for our busy parents and teachers, it will generate two columns that kids can use to match related items.

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These engaging educational resources are easy to use. Simply add the words with a colon separating the two. The generator will shuffle the words so kids can match them later. It cannot get any simpler than this.

Perfect for Parents and Teachers

Encourage learning at home or in the classroom by generating fun worksheets anytime. This worksheet maker allows kids of all ages to identify similar items and develop their vocabulary skills.

Whether you’re a mom or dad who wants to supplement your child’s education from home or a teacher looking for classroom activities, free printable word-matching worksheets provide an easy solution.

Develop Vocabulary and Problem Solving Skills

Learning comes to life when kids are engaged and having fun – that’s why printable word-matching worksheets are an ideal tool to utilize in the classroom or at home.

Created with teachers and parents in mind, these worksheets generate two columns for kids to match corresponding items and learn new vocabulary words, spellings, and more. Make learning fun while keeping it engaging and interesting for your students!

Make your own Word Matching Worksheets

You can make your own word matching worksheets in minutes with our Word Matching Worksheet Generator.

  • Check or uncheck the Header Options like Name and Date.
  • Write the Worksheet Title or remove the text to skip writing anything on the top of the worksheet.
  • Fill in the words list under the Words, separating the words you wish to match with a colon.
  • You also have the option to adjust the font style, and font size.
  • To see the answer sheet, check the “Show Answers” checkbox.
  • Once you have filled and adjusted all the data, click the blue “Regenerate” button.
  • If everything looks good in the preview, download the printable worksheet by clicking the green “Download” button.
  • That’s all you have to do make your own Word Matching Worksheets.