Sudoku Generator

Everyone loves solving puzzles, and if you’re looking for a challenge that tests your problem solving skills, look no further than our sudoku generator.

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You can set the grid size to 9×9 or 4×4. It is also adjustable to your level of difficulty with easy, medium, difficult, and extreme options, perfect for everyone from beginning solvers to experienced puzzlers.

With our Sudoku generator, you can use it either in the comfort of your own home or as part of a classroom setting, as teachers and parents find our Sudoku maker an easy-to-use tool to help boost memory and problem solving skills. Download and print – creating your own personalized puzzles has never been easier!

How to Make your own Sudoku Puzzles

You can make your own Sudoku puzzles in minutes with our Sudoku Maker.

  • Check or uncheck the Header Options like Name and Date.
  • Write the Worksheet Title or remove the text to skip writing anything on the top of the worksheet.
  • Set the grid to 9×9 or 4×4.
  • Adjust the difficulty level to Easy, Medium Difficult, or Extreme.
  • Once you have adjusted all the data, click the blue “Regenerate” button.
  • If everything looks good in the preview, download the printable puzzle by clicking the green “Download” button.
  • That’s all you have to do make your own Sudoku Puzzles.